C# CSV Reader

C# CSV Reader - the free CSV Parser library for .NET.


Reads and writes files with comma seperated values.

Pipe, '|', or other custom seperator symbol also supported.

Optional header row is supported.

Can also read and write fixed width files (for example files where columns are padding to a set number of characters wide).


Download the latest version here.

Unzip and copy xline.IO.dll, and xline.IO.lic to your project's bin folder.

Reference xline.IO.dll, from your project.


The dll is compiled in .NET 4.0 so it is supported in .NET 4.0 or greater for complete flexibility. If you need to support an earlier version of the .NET framework please contact me.

IMPORTANT: Remember to copy xline.IO.lic to your solutions bin\Debug and bin\Release folders. The license file is required for proper execution.


If you are having issues, please let us know. We have a mailing list located at: csharpcsvreader@google-groups.com
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This project is free for personal use.